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Map & Compass Navigation

Anatomy of a Compass

Do you know how to read a topographic map and use a base plate compass? This indoor, introductory course covers how to read topographic map features and how to orient a map to the terrain. We’ll cover how to choose a compass, take a bearing and how to use a compass in conjunction with a map. The last part of the class will be a discussion on route selection.

This class is essential for hikers, hunters, backpackers and anyone that explores the outdoors.   This course will give you the basics of how to avoid getting lost and how to find your way if you do become unsure of your location. Minimum age is 15.

This class meets indoors, in the conference room at Alpine Shop in Kirkwood. The class runs for approximately 90 minutes. Only 12 people per class.

Instructor provides compasses, not a need to bring your own

Instructor: Tom Murrell

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