Castlewood 8-Hour Adventure Race

Event Information

Thank you for your interest in the 2015 Alpine Shop Castlewood 8-Hour Adventure Race! 

What is Adventure RacingA multi-sport, off-road, team event with no marked course. Teams must use a map and compass to navigate their way through a series of checkpoints on mountain bikes, in canoes, and or on foot to reach the finish line. 

What are the distances? Expect to cover 5-10 miles paddling, 10-20 miles biking, and 5-10 miles on foot. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page for more information.

Race Date: Saturday, December 5th, 2015

Race Location: That's a secret! Part of the appeal of adventure racing is charging into the unknown on race day. A course overview will be available closer to race time to help you plan your gear and food. Plan on 5-9 hours of continuous movement through the woods, rivers, and roads of Ballwin, MO.

Race Start: 7:30 AM on Saturday, December 5th

Packet Pick-Up: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM on Friday, December 4th at Alpine Shop Kirkwood.

Pre-Race Meeting: 7:15 AM on Saturday, December 5th at Race HQ (location revealed at packet pick-up)

Teams Configurations:

Premiere prizes will be awarded to Co-Ed teams.

  • 2-Person (Co-Ed, Men's, and Women's Divisions)
  • 4-Person (Co-Ed, Men's, and Women's Divisions)

Registration Costs:

Early Bird: $85 per person until Saturday, October 31st

Regular: $100 per person until Monday, November 30th

Please Note: This race will be capped at 200 participants. No day-of registration.

New to Adventure Racing?

Join us for a 4-class series of Adventure Racing 101 classes held throughout November. Classes are FREE for all registrants and volunteers of the Castlewood 8-Hr Adventure Race. Click here for more information.

See the latest updates on our Facebook event page! Click here.

RACE UPDATE #1 (11-Nov-2015)

We have announced our official host hotel! Racers, please contact Holiday Inn at Six Flags (636-938-6661) and mention "Castlewood Adventure Race" to receive a group discount of $99/night. On-line reservations will not receive the discount; you must call.  This hotel is the closest to our bike drop location, and not far from the start/finish line either! This group discount expires 11/23/2015, act now for the best rate!

You WILL have a bike drop on race morning. The location and schedule will be given to you at packet pick-up on Friday, December 4th, but please plan on an EARLY RACE MORNING. This means you will NOT be paddling with your bikes in the boats!

2015 Results & Race Photos (12/7/15)


Start/TA 1 by Travis Irvin

Start/TA 1 by Kyle Knudten

Paddle Take-Out (CP11) and TA 2 by Travis Irvin

Paddle Take-Out (CP11) and TA 2 by Julie Spohn-Stevens

Paddle Take-Out (CP11) and TA 2 by Kris Clawson

Wyman Center (CP22/TA 3) and Finish Line (CP34) by Travis Irvin

Wyman Center (CP22/TA 3 and Finish Line (CP34) by Juli Spohn-Stevens

CP13 by Kyle Knudten

Start, CP16, CP25 by Dan Singer

Team BOR's album

Drone videos by Matt Boschert

if you have photos you want to share, email!


Click here for complete results and splits!

Gear List (Required & Recommended) 9/17/15

Individual Gear (to be carried/worn at all times by each team member during the race)

All items must be sized to fit user.

  • Wool/fleece/synthetic hat (no baseball caps. a Buff is acceptable.)
  • Wool/synthetic long sleeve baselayer top
  • Fleece long sleeve top
  • Wool/synthetic long pants
  • Waterproof jacket (no ponchos)
  • Waterproof pants
  • Gloves OR mittens
  • Pack with hydration system (40 oz. minimum)
  • Energy food (sports drink, gels, bars, sandwiches, etc.)
  • Headlamp
  • Whistle
  • Lighter/waterproof matches
  • Emergency blanket
  • Compass

Team Gear (to be carried/worn/used by each team at all times during the race)

  • Passport (provided by Alpine Shop at race start)
  • Waterproof map case
  • Tool for plotting UTM coordinates
  • Method of marking map (permanent marker, highlighter, pen, etc.)
  • Water purification system (tablets, drops, filter, etc.)
  • Charged cell phone in waterproof case (for emergency use only)
  • First Aid Kit (Adventure Medical Kits 0.7 or construct your own consisting of:
    • (4) 3"x3" or larger gauze pads
    • (1) roll of 1" or wider waterproof tape (medical or duct tape accepted), at least 10' long
    • Antibacterial ointment
    • (1) 3" or wider ace bandage, at least 5' long
    • (8) band aids
    • (8) doses of painkiller and/or NSAID
    • (1) pair of medical exam gloves

Individual Gear - Mountain Biking (to be carried/worn/used by each team member while biking)

  • Mountain bike (no road, cyclocross, or tandem bikes)
  • Bike helmet (must be worn at all times while biking)
  • Flashing red rear light mounted on bike
  • Spare tube (even if you have tubeless tires)

Team Gear - Mountain Biking (to be carried/used by each team while biking)

  • Multi-tool
  • Patch kit
  • Tire pump OR CO2 cartridge AND inflator

Individual Gear - Paddling (to be carried/used by each team member while paddling)

  • Canoe (provided by Alpine Shop, no personal boats allowed)
  • Paddle (provided by Alpine Shop, no personal paddles allowed)
  • PFD (provided by Alpine Shop, no personal PFDs allowed)

Prohibited Items (teams found with these items will be disqualified immediately)

  • GPS device of any kind (handheld, bike-mounted, etc.) Teams wishing to track their race for later review may submit a GPS device at the start line to be sealed by race officials.
  • Additional cell phones, radios, or other communications or internet access devices, other than the mandatory, emergency-use-only cell phone
  • Maps other than those provided by the race
  • Firearms of any kind
  • Whining

This is the minimum required gear list. You will need additional items to complete the race. Trail running shoes, biking shoes, pair(s) of socks, additional warm clothing or jackets, chemical hand-warmers, dry bags, watches, sunglasses, bike water bottles, and/or bike computers may all come in handy during the race. Need help? Check out this video or stop by any Alpine Shop location for advice!

The penalty for missing or non-functional gear is 1 checkpoint per item.

Meet Our Incredible Sponsors

The North Face will be providing the winning 4-person co-ed and 2-person co-ed teams custom Apex Bionic softshell jackets (men's- and women's-specific sizing!). These jackets will be embroidered with the race logo and year. The North Face will also be sending some special prizes for our prize table!



Zanfel Laboratories will be providing tubes of their product for the prize table! Have you ever been attacked by poison ivy? Zanfel removes the itch in less than 30 seconds and keeps it away! 


Hůga Bar will be sampling all flavors of their bars at packet pick-up on Friday, December 4th at Alpine Shop Kirkwood. They will also provide each racer with a full bar in their packet! Hůga bars are gluten-free, GMO-free, and sweetened naturally with dates and honey. Each flavor is inspired by an international recipe that celebrates comfort, life, and togetherness.

Racer Registration (not volunteers)

Hoo-ray! We have reached our capacity for registered teams! If your team is still missing members, please enter the required code to complete your registration. Any questions please email Emily the Race Director (


Want to Volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about adventure racing, see your friends or family on-course, or give back to the local outdoor community! We need several volunteers to make the Castlewood 8-Hour happen. Volunteers will be compensated with a race shirt, post-race meal, entries into raffles, and a big hug from the Race Director. Sign up below to tell us you're coming! Use the coupon code "VOLUNTEER" to validate your entry.

Registered Teams (FINAL 12/1/15)

4-Person Co-Ed (premiere prizes awarded)

  1. Team BOR-Nutz (Amanda Lappe, Timothy Johanns, Scott Shaw, Neil Dickhaus)
  2. Team Adventure Crewe (Robin Misukonis, John Sikes, Jeffrey Germer, Michael Hovatter)
  3. Alpine Shop (Jeff Sona, David Frei, Brian Roggeveen, Melisa Lemus)
  4. Rogue Adventure (Jessie Brown, LaRell Epps, Tyler Ten Eyck, Thad Lunan)
  5. Off The Front Racing (Karen Holtmann, David Hagen, Claire Beckmeyer, Hunter Henry)
  6. Bushwhacker (Cory Mason, Sean Fink, Abigail Pritchard, Tim Swanson)
  7. Go Live (Jeremy Brown, John Moran, Jaime May, Joshua Lugge)
  8. SO LOST (Damian Mahoney, Ericka Artz, Jeff Stientjes, TBD)
  9. ...and the 3 bears (Meredith March, Steve Reardon, Brad Tretter, Taylor March)
  10. Venture Virgins (Megan Woodring, David McWilliams, Jacob Friend, Angela Quiceno)
  11. FourRunners (Grant Smith, Hillary Brown, James Lewis, Brad Woods)
  12. Dads & Daughters (Chris Heupel, Jessica Heupel, Derek Hebda, James Huss)
  13. Kuat (Mark Gullet, Jason Bettis, Robert Conner, Ashley Oreilly)
  14. TeamBOR (Paul Frisbee, Amy Crews, Kevin Minton, John Naas)
  15. America's Next Top Models (Thom Bick, Andrea Hoeflinger, Jason Bridwell, David Soto Jr.)

4-Person Male

  1. (Peter Romano, Rich Elias, Chris Valenti, Bill Coppel)
  2. Thunderstones (Seth VanDyke, Adam Bridwell, Bennett Keefer, Rahul Singh)
  3. MC Squared (Christopher Slemp, Michael Hubbard, Christopher Galli, Mike Haupt)
  4. Blinganators (Michael Viggers, John Niebling, Gary Flenniken, Chat Marler)
  5. SloMotion (Clinton Rice, Phil Pierce, Nate Davidson, Sam Wappelhorst)
  6. Chain Reaction Racing (James Lorenz, Christian Minor, Jeff Powell, Matthew Schumacher)
  7. 9 Balls (Jason Chase, Steve Kerr, Jason Golonka, Alex Joannes)
  8. Mid Rivers Adventure (Bill Stevens, Jeff Geear, Nathan Darling, Philip Leachman)
  9. Drifting BORs (David Beattie, Steven Willi, Eric Heine, Robert Bart)
  10. Flooring Systems Inc. (Dennis Godat, John Kreith, Ron Komlos, Ron Mayo)
  11. Hope It's Warm (Matthew Scherrer, Jack Senneff, Brian Kaveney, Trevor Wallace)
  12. Cannonball Comin' (Brian Lowry, Timothy Klaus, Matt Bilbruck, Brian Curran)
  13. Blue Tails (Bill Langton, David Crane, Stephen Shinn, Kyle Chasteen)
  14. Lost Paddle (Nick Kleekamp, Tony Randazzo, Ryan Kleekamp, Patrick Davis)
  15. Where's Larry? (Rick Steurer, Larry Taft, Kenny Snell, Derek Newman)
  16. Time Pirates Syndicate/ (Scott Kiefner, Todd Dohogne, Jeremy Jamerson, Jason Kulma)
  17. KMA (Mark Towner, Larry Roden, William Hubbard, Thomas Towner)

4-Person Female

  1. Control Cougars (Mary Piper, Carrie Sona, Yvonne Deyo, Laura Scherff)

2-Person Co-Ed (premiere prizes awarded)

  1. Type II Fun - Team Virtus/BOR (Mickey Boianoff, SuperKate Giesen)
  2. On The FFOGY Side/Extreme Electrical (Mandy Goff, Nathan Goff)
  3. OzMOsis (Tamara Falke, Joseph Szabo)
  4. Gary Busey's Teeth (David Grunloh, Julia Grunloh)
  5. Surf n' Turf (Michael Garrison, Cristal Garrison)
  6. X Marks the Spot (Rachel Marks, Shawn Marks)
  7. 2BLOST (Chris Hahn, Nicole Burdge)
  8. True North V2 (Eric Zeller, Grace Zeller)
  9. In Memory of Jeremy Lines (Sally Struckman, Siegfried Tiegs)
  10. Team Shart (Heather Kluch, Eric Olsen)

2-Person Male

  1. Epic Machinery (Al Beers, Brian Hey)
  2. Rage Against The Cutoff (Drake White, Mark White)
  3. Bushwhacker ManDeuce (Scott Fredrickson, Dale Hofmann)
  4. Searching For Sasquatch (Andy Wittenauer, Leo Smith)
  5. Bloody Tears (Mitch Faddis, Jim Avery)
  6. Blood, Sweat and DeBeers (Ken DeBeer, Chris DeBeer)
  7. Advengineers (Patrick Travers, Keith Cooper)
  8. Roadkill (Shawn Bleiler, Justin Rummel) 
  9. Parralax Rangefinders (Dan Brecht, Scott Merritt)
  10. TeamBOR-2TOPS Racing (Larry Lazo, Karl Kilthau)
  11. Team Virtus: The Dragon's Darkness (Robby Brown, Luke Lamb)
  12. Global Positioning Studs (Alex Eade, Randall Stateler)
  13. Toporadicals (Nathan Graves, Brian Rodenbeck)
  14. Legen....wait for it....dary (Jim Bellm, Christopher Westaby)
  15. Half-Twained (Daniel Lyskowski, Marty Miller)
  16. #2 (Mike Hummels, Alan Griggs)
  17. Czech-N-Go (Adam Rybar, Zdenek Palacek)
  18. Off The Couch Performance (Bob Billings, Ryan Slebos)
  19. 37 Down (Jeff Ryan, Jason Noakes)
  20. Hick (Mike Hickinbotham, Darren Schnurbusch)
  21. MidLife Crisis (Jeffrey Collier, Mike McCarthy)
  22. Two Tigers (Michael Bibb, Bradley Krone)
  23. Big Dogs (Stephen Kruse, Matt Darr)
  24. 12178 Belaire (Brenden McNamee, Steve Friedman)

2-Person Female

  1. Dirty Stilettos (Beth Sanborn, Annette Koob)
  2. Out There Somewhere (Loreen Mattson, Jackie Dozier)
  3. LOST (ladies on single track) (Stacy Cheavens, Cynthia Woodcock)


  1. Kris C.
  2. Michelle F.
  3. Suzanne R.
  4. Christine S.
  5. Krista B.
  6. Lynn L.
  7. Cade R.
  8. Bob J. 
  9. Chuck V. 
  10. Lori V. 
  11. Tara T. 
  12. Juli S.
  13. Venture Crew 2821 of Affton, MO
  14. Kyle K.
  15. Meg K.
  16. Yvonne E.
  17. Matt B.
  18. Will S.
  19. Aubrey B.
  20. Brian G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does a short-sleeve shirt paired with arm warmers count as "Wool/synthetic long sleeve top"?

A1: Yes, as long as both the shirt and arm warmers are wool or synthetic (i.e. NO COTTON) and are carried/worn for the entire race.

Q2: Can a teammate carry my backpack?

A2: Yes, that is the essence of teamwork in adventure racing and we encourage it!

Q3: Can I do this race with my children?

A3: Yes, although the minimum age to participate is 14. Waivers for racers under 18 must be signed by a legal parent/ guardian.

Q4: I signed up but now I can't do the race. Can I get a refund?

A4: Sorry, no refunds are available for the Castlewood 8-Hr Adventure Race. 

Q5: This is my first adventure race. What should I expect?

A5: Expect to have a great time, and be exhausted at the finish line! Visit Alpine Shop's Calendar of Events to pick out some classes to help you have a great time in the woods with your team. You can also read race reports from past races here: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Q6: I'm nervous about navigating with just a map and compass. Can you help me?

A6: Yes, of course we can. First, please note that the Castlewood 8-Hr Adventure Race is designed for beginners. Some checkpoints (CPs) will be located directly on a trail or road. Other checkpoints will be located off-trail, but with plenty of man-made features around it to help your team find it. Also please consider attending an Alpine Shop Map & Compass or Orienteering class to help you learn the basics. Finally, our local Saint Louis Orienteering Club has a permanent orienteering course set up at Rockwoods Range for practice!

Q7: Who's directing this thing, anyway?

A7: Emily Korsch, Program Director at Alpine Shop, will be Race Director for this event. Emily is a member of the Alpine Shop Adventure Racing Team which races both regionally and nationally. Emily has been adventure racing since 2009. Scott "Erl" Erlandson will be Assistant Race Director for this event. Erl has been adventure racing since 2002 with his team WEDALI. Andrei Karpov will be the Course Consultant, assisting with design and setting/vetting. Andrei is a member of the Minnesota Orienteering Club and owner of Karta Racing, LLC, and adventure races with team WEDALI as well. 

Q8: Can I wear a puffy synthetic top (such as an Arcteryx Atom LT or Patagonia Nano Air instead of a fleece?

A8: Yes! Please be sure that your synthetic puffy top is a jacket or hoody, vests will not satisfy this requirement.

Q9: Can we use outside maps during the race?

A9: No. You can use outside maps (i.e. Google maps, GORC Trail Maps, or other maps you may have in your collection) BEFORE THE RACE ONLY to plan your route. You may NOT use outside maps during the race unless they are completely hand-drawn by you. Alpine Shop will provide each team with a set of maps at packet pick-up and those are the maps you must use during the race.

Have another question? Email to get it answered.


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